Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The referee who belived in his dream.

This ref is crazy, he still does not know that there are cameras and every one is watching even his wife,who is also shocked and  so on.he is in love with this team what do you want .i am sure when he was a kid,he dreamed to play with them,but they said no no no  to him. (his dream finally came true).... here he is now a happy ref who is celebrating a goal with his favorite team.
like he is the one who scored it hhhh,any ways i am sure the the fans of the other team have a gift to him after the match.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Always Finish What You Started

hh too early to celebrate (meskin) the poor guy,we do not even know to which crowed is he celebrating,the sits were empty.even if they were full they would ve gone after this embrassement.good luck to him when explaining what he did here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Never Give a Red Card Without Bodyguards

Haha this referee is the best.he runs he jumps,he fights.he must've had lot of  trainnig or may be he was an actor in action movies.i am sure you could make a really good movie with this referee.but fighting and losing against kids that funny even for his children.but If that was my dad i would change family name and go live somewhere else where no one will look like me.so what do you need to learn from this is that ,never ever give a yellow or red card to someone taller than, you might get in trouble, for the yellow card.but for the red card ...hmm dont try it it better for your safety?


I know that this can happen but this guy is just tooooooo much how can he miss from that position I mean he was 1 meter from the goal , he could have even went in with the ball but he decided to do that weird kick of his which costed his team losing the game and getting eliminated from the tournament, he really didn't have to act like a big shot and try to score it with outer side of his left leg, he could have just scored it with his right and end it, but all we can say is allah yahdih and hope all the best for him in the future even though i don't think he'll have any future (just joking).

Monday, September 19, 2011


I think that trying to distract or do what ever the goalkeeper was doing is not the right thing to do in that position. Also i think that what he was trying do was the supporters job and in the end the penalty was scored  and tables turned and he became the one provoked that's why you should never provoke if you're not prepared for the UNWANTED RESULT.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Retirement of GK after a MISTAKE

Even thought i'am not in position to speak but I seriously think that people should not give up this fast, because he's not the first goalkeeper to make this mistake, and if you look carefully he wasn't the only one at fault here because the defender shouldn't pass the ball to the GK in that position, but the true of reason why he really decided to retire was  because of the supporters which started swearing at him which i think pretty stupid, because if you think about it this guy might have spent half of his life in this team and after one mistake they turn against him.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Referee getting judged

I think that this is a fair example and way of reminding the referee that there is way more players then referees and he should keep his hands to himself, because players won't only be satisfied with him getting a yellow or a red card players seek true revenge.